Tom Bisio is an amazing martial artist. His fame from his early career in Pekiti Tirsia Kali is still talked about today, as he won the first national Arnis tournament, much the chagrin of many FMA instructors.

Normally today people who focus on “self-defense” oriented martial arts do not appreciate Kung Fu, as MMA has increasingly supplanted Chinese and Japanese traditional arts as the fashionable focus of “all things real”. Yet even though Tom now focuses on Kung Fu, he seems to enjoy the respect of anyone who actually knows him, no matter what their personal focus is. He is one of those rare individuals who seems to really embody the martial arts holistically, rather than by simply isolating one characteristic.

Bisio’s primary areas of focus are Baguazhang and the TCM healing practice of Tui Na. Look him up. It will be worth your time.