“We often say that if you can’t teach something, you don’t know it. In saying this, we assume that if someone’s thoughts or feelings cannot be clearly communicated, they are essentially meaningless because they carry little communicable value. Because of this assumption, we rely on the critics or the experts to tell us what something means. This is valuable, of course (otherwise why would I bother trying to articulate my thoughts in this forum?), but it does not mean that what we cannot articulate has no meaning. Truly, many of the things that we struggle to put into words are exactly the things that give our life meaning. Sports are just one example of something that moves with meaning without the need for words. Dance would be another. Music, again, another. The fact that we sometimes cannot put our feelings or experiences or movements into words should be a clue, not that those feelings, experiences, or movements are illegitimate but that our language sometimes cannot excavate the things buried deep within us.”

-Paul Arnold, “Finding Our Feeling For the Game”

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