HEMA Pedagogics Part 1: The Pedagogics Pioneers & The Role of a HEMA teacher

The above linked article discusses the role of pedagogy in the grass roots martial arts world of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), where people have been carefully digging out the old fightbooks dustily tucked away predominately in museums, in order to revive the European martial tradition. What is fascinating about the discussion pertaining to the article, is that it covers the history of teaching methods in the P.E./Gymnastics world of the West- but only post scientific revolution. This is curious, considering that many of the more popular aspects of HEMA come from a few centuries earlier, and one wonders what the pedagogical positions were of those ealier eras of European history.

Interestingly, many aspects of HEMA’s necessary anachronistic repurposing have come from historical philosophies that are far more modern than the armor and helmets might lead a person to believe. It would be one thing to be doing this purposefully, but the fact is, people in HEMA seem wholly unaware that the incongruities between their own worldview and that of a 14th century knight lead them to interpret and apply their martial culture in an entirely irreconcilable manner. This of course, is common to the mythic world of martial culture, where Kung Fu, Karate, and every other art commodified for the global market have faced the re-writing of their history for the agendas of their users.