“YOU are not going to foam roll yourself into a side split.
YOU are not going to get a one arm chin from squeezing your butt cheeks together harder.
YOU are not going to fix your bad knees from strapping it with an elastic band.
YOU are not going to get lean by cheating your appetite with a suppressant.
All these things may work for a while, but just the act of pursuing them already comes to replace pursuing real solutions.
Truth is, wherever you look nowadays, there are shortcuts offered to you.
‘Life Hacking’, tips and tricks, etc – that is all we have these days.
Every system/book/method I see around lately is offering you their best icing to a cake you don’t even have.
Becoming a better mover is about hours spent daily for years developing the basics and then applying them into… PLAY.
That is how the best movers on the planet are doing it, they are not a collection of shortcuts which lead nowhere, even if in the short term you see some benefit – think long term, my friends. Movement = no shortcut.
Oh, yeah, one more thing, if you write a book titled ‘How to Become a Ninja’ – you better be one yourself.
The king is naked.”

-Ido Portal