Redeeming the Whole Body

by Friar Paul Scalia

Redeeming Word and Body

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“Man has two principal means of communication: the word and the body… Without the word, we are isolated and alone.
And the body: standing, kneeling, sitting, walking, running, dancing, smiling, laughing, frowning, weeping, hugging, kissing, embracing. Words are not enough for us. Our bodies speak as well. Whether we realize it or not (sometimes even despite ourselves), we use “body language.” By the body also we communicate our very selves… This crisis of communication [by modern people concerning body and word] damages society in general, but marriage suffers disproportionately…

Our current meaninglessness is a symptom of the fallen world. Sin is the rejection of meaning, of any structure or purpose. It is the grasping for that autonomy that rejects the constraints of objective truth. Salvation from this situation thus comes the same way salvation always comes to us: through the Word made flesh. The eternal Word restores meaning to all words. The Word made flesh redeems the significance of all bodies.

This redemption comes to us, not surprisingly, in nuptial terms.”